Training Courses

Training in Lifespan Integration therapy is suitable for experienced psychotherapists, counsellors and psychological professionals. LI requires a sound knowledge of child development and some understanding of the neurobiology of trauma. We ask that delegates have sufficient experience in their practice and have delivered a minimum of 450 supervised therapy hours, be current members of a recognised professional body (e.g. UKCP, BACP, BAP, BPS, HCPC etc.) with a clear ethical framework/complaints procedure, and have professional indemnity insurance.

Level 1 LI Training 

The Level 1 training covers the history and the fundamental principles underlying LI; an overview of various Lifespan Integration protocols; looking at the basics of LI treatment planning; and practising, and reflecting upon, being fully attuned to clients throughout LI sessions in a way that is different to empathic listening. Delegates learn how to use LI Standard Protocol through watching videos of Lifespan Integration sessions, live demonstration, and practice sessions where delegates experience standard protocol as therapist and client.

Level 2 LI Training

The Level 2 training includes learning about the Attunement protocol, and how to use this to help clients build self-structure and regulate emotion. Delegates will also learn how to use Birth to Present protocol to clear any known or unknown birth trauma. There will be a focus on how to design individualised treatment plans based on each client’s unique psychic structure and needs, and there will be practice sessions where participants experience the Baseline protocol as therapist, client and observer.

Before attending Level 2 Therapists are encouraged to practice LI with several of their more stable clients. We also advise therapists to contact one of the approved LI consultants (listed here) and to schedule one or more hours of Skype or phone supervision for guidance and support when beginning to use LI

Level 3 LI Training            

During Level 3 therapists will learn how to use Lifespan Integration therapy to repair breaches in early attachment, and how to effectively use LI to integrate the self-systems of their most dissociative clients, including those clients diagnosed as DID and DDNOS. It will also cover how to structure and implement treatment plans for clients with histories of early trauma and neglect.

After completing this training, participating therapists will understand how working with the core self of the DID client ‘feels’ and ‘looks’ different from working with one of the clients’ alters. Participants will come to understand that gaining the trust of the core self and working directly with the core is necessary in order to integrate a dissociative client’s fragmented self-system. Participants’ learning will be enhanced through practicing Attunement Protocol, viewing video clips, and through discussion of case work.

Training Dates for 2019

For Level 3 please see below.

For Level 1 and 2 ….we are just waiting to confirm the venue and final cost and then we will release them so you can book on. But in order to get the dates in your diary…..

Level 1: 11-12 October 2019 Birmingham

Level 2: 22-23 November 2019 Birmingham


Level 3 Training
Date : Level 3: 1-2 March 2019
Location : Birmingham
Presenter : Dr Anandi Janner Steffan. (To read about Anandi please go to
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