Training Courses

Training in Lifespan Integration therapy is suitable for experienced psychotherapists, counsellors and psychological professionals. LI requires a sound knowledge of child development and some understanding of the neurobiology of trauma. We ask that delegates have sufficient experience in their practice and have delivered a minimum of 450 supervised therapy hours, be current members of a recognised professional body (e.g. UKCP, BACP, BAP, BPS, HCPC etc.) with a clear ethical framework/complaints procedure, and have professional indemnity insurance.

All of our UK training is delivered by Dr Anandi Janner Steffan. She is based in Switzerland and you can find out more about her here:

Level 1 (Beginner)

The Level 1 training covers the history and the fundamental principles underlying LI; an overview of various Lifespan Integration protocols; looking at the basics of LI treatment planning; and practising, and reflecting upon, being fully attuned to clients throughout LI sessions in a way that is different to empathic listening. Delegates learn how to use LI Standard Protocol through watching videos of Lifespan Integration sessions, live demonstration, and practice sessions where delegates experience standard protocol as therapist and client.

Completing this training enables participants to apply the learned LI elements in the therapy of light to moderate cases (depending on their knowledge of attachment, trauma, and ego states).

Level 2 (Intermediate)

The Level 2 training includes learning about the Attunement protocol, and how to use this to help clients build self-structure and regulate emotion. Delegates will also learn how to use Birth to Present protocol to clear any known or unknown birth trauma. There will be a focus on how to design individualised treatment plans based on each client’s unique psychic structure and needs, and there will be practice sessions where participants experience the Baseline protocol as therapist, client and observer.

Before attending Level 2 Therapists are encouraged to practice LI with several of their more stable clients. We also advise therapists to contact one of the approved LI supervisors (listed here) and to schedule one or more hours of Skype or phone supervision for guidance and support when beginning to use LI

Graduates of the Level 2 are entitled to register as a certified LI Practitioner on the international Lifespan Integration List.

Level 3 (Advanced)    

In Level 3 three important LI protocols, Relationship Clearing,Script Clearing and Preverbal Attachment Repair are introduced. Further, participants will practice the LI Attunement Protocol, which was part in Level 2. The LI Preverbal Attachment Repair protocol permits to repair breaches in attachment which may have occurred at various stages of development.

To participate on Level 3, you need to have attended LI Training Level 1 and Level 2, and one LI session treating early childhood trauma, as well as three supervisions.

Graduates of the Level 3 Training will be able to treat clients experiencing the effects of severe early-childhood trauma, with strong dissociation and fragmentation and unstable living conditions with LI Therapy.

The last Level 3 ran in March 2019. We will be running it again in 2021.

Systemic LI Training

Systemic LI is about LI therapy with children and young adults which also includes the parents for example and can be used in couple’s therapy. Anandi Janner Steffan developed this about 4 years ago and it has been recognized by Peggy Pace as an additional LI training in itself. Please note this course is organised directly by Anandi and to book you will need to go to:


Systemic Lifespan Integration Training
Date : 14-15 June 2019
Location : Birmingham
Presenter : Dr Anandi Janner Steffan
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Level 1 Training (Beginner)
Date : 11-12 October 2019
Location : Birmingham
Presenter : Dr Anandi Janner Steffan
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Level 2 Training (Intermediate)
Date : 22-23 November 2019
Location : Birmingham
Presenter : Dr Anandi Janner Steffan
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Level 3 Training (Advanced)
Date : Level 3: 1-2 March 2019
Location : Birmingham
Presenter : Dr Anandi Janner Steffan. (To read about Anandi please go to
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