About Us

LI UK Ltd is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, created in 2016 to promote Lifespan Integration therapy, train psychological counsellors and therapists in LI and support the development of trained LI therapists. We are in partnership with Lifespan Integration LLC in the USA. To see their website please go to www.lifespanintegration.com

Courses for mental health professionals to train in LI have been run in the UK for some time now but it is only since 2015, that the current team of volunteer therapists have formed to develop the organisation that we have now. Mandy Roland Smith and Roz Skegg were instrumental in setting up this organisation but retired from their roles in 2017.

The current Directors are Jenny Dickson, Natasha Sephton and Laura Morrissey.  They are supported by Kirsty Vickerman (Training) and Karen Johnson (Administration).


Jenny Dickson

Jenny is an experienced BACP registered therapist with a private practice in Rusper, West Sussex. With both individuals and couples, Jenny brings to her work a deep respect for the amazing ability of the individual to heal and grow, and relationships to thrive.

Since training in Lifespan Integration in 2009 she has found that individuals experience remarkable, life-changing results in a consistently shorter period than traditional talk therapy. Working with a time line of memories, sensitive attunement to what is happening in the client’s body and mind, allows the brain to integrate past traumas and make new neural connections. Trained as an integrative therapist, her approach to her work is rooted deeply in attachment theory and neuroscience.

In addition to counselling, Jenny offers supervision. She also works as a volunteer with Cruse Bereavement Care – counselling, supervising and training.


Natasha Sephton

Natasha is an experienced therapist working in private practice in Derbyshire, between Derby and Nottingham. Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as a Dramatherapist since 2005, Natasha is also a Certified Lifespan Integration therapist and Creative Supervisor.

Working with adults, Natasha’s focus is to facilitate psychological health using a ‘top down-bottom up’, or body/mind approach. This way of working is inherent in both Dramatherapy and Lifespan Integration therapy. Working gently, in an attuned and directive way, much of her work focuses on healing the impacts of trauma on attachment, relational experience and sense of self (and self-love).

Natasha has a special interest in early years stages of development. The nature of our in-utero experience, through birth and infancy, and the way it imprints on our lives, holds a particular interest for Natasha’s practice.


Laura Morrissey

Laura is an Integrative Counsellor, Supervisor and Author, with a special interest in Attachment, Autism, ADHD, Adoption & Trauma. Laura works with families and teenagers.

Since finding Lifespan Integration Therapy, she uses this throughout her practice and has seen some amazing results!